Parsley Medical Clinic, S.C.  Contact Information

Patients of Parsley Medical Clinic, S.C. :

Patients of Parsley Medical Clinic, S.C.:
Parsley Medical Clinic, S.C. has closed the office located at 1101 W. Clairemont Avenue, Suite 1D in Eau Claire, WI. If you have a business or non-medical question, please contact us by email at . Please direct all medical questions to your medical provider.
If you were a patient of Parsley Medical Clinic, S.C. and need a copy of your medical records, a completed Release of Information may be sent by the requesting provider to our email at We can not release your medical record without a completed and signed Release of Information form. Your requesting provider will provide you with the form and send that form to us for you, but you may need to provide them with our email address. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible and sent to the requesting provider. Please allow several days for your request to be processed and sent.

The Staff of Parsley Medical Clinic, S.C.